Synthetic or artificial skin is a modified tissue that simulates natural skin. It can be a completely synthetic material or mixed with natural fibers. Normally, for its manufacture acrylic polymers are used that mimic the texture and color of natural skin.

There are fabrics with a wide variety of finishes, and sometimes synthetic leather can be mixed with natural fibers, such as cotton or wool, to improve the feel and give it a much more natural look. In addition to maximizing the quality and durability of these types of fabrics, other artificial fibers resistant to fire and abrasion can be added.

Advantages of synthetic skin versus natural skin

Synthetic leather is a material widely used in the upholstery sector, and it is that thanks to its high performance and performance it is perfect for upholstering both indoor and outdoor furniture. The advantages offered by this fabric compared to authentic skin are numerous and we can highlight the following:

Elastic and lightweight

Synthetic leather is a lightweight material that offers enough elasticity and excellent recovery, making it ideal for upholstery. In addition, it is a very versatile material and adapts to all types of furniture, no matter the shape or size, the fabric fits perfectly to each curve and corner, achieving a perfect result.


Synthetic skin can last longer than genuine skin. Thanks to the latest advances, artificial fabrics are more robust and require less care, since their maintenance and cleaning is really simple.

Protective fibers are used for its manufacture that help protect the fabric from dust and dirt. In addition, other treatments can be applied, for example by incorporating a UV filter to guarantee its resistance to sunlight or Flame Tech technology, which creates an invisible fire barrier that prevents combustion.


Synthetic leather with PVC finish provides greater impermeability, a characteristic that is ideal for outdoor environments. This is an important advantage over natural skin, since the artificial one resists cold, heat or humidity very well, making it perfect for both the winter and summer seasons. In addition we can not forget that it is a much cheaper fabric and its value for money is excellent.

How to distinguish synthetic skin from natural skin

At first glance, good quality synthetic skin can be difficult to identify, since its similarity to natural skin is often surprising. So it is best to opt for a reliable supplier or manufacturer and pay close attention to labels.

There are also some tricks that can help us detect if it is genuine skin. For example, a faux leather upholstery usually flakes or cracks over time, especially in those areas of more friction, such as the armrests. However, if it is natural skin, the upholstery is usually softened, having the opposite effect.

There is no doubt that synthetic skin is an excellent alternative to natural skin. It is much cheaper and environmentally friendly, has high performance and offers the consumer a much more eco-friendly fabric.

In addition, at Texere we work with the Eco Frabrics guarantee. This certification guarantees that all our products are free of toxic elements and our manufacturing processes are environmentally friendly and comply with current legislation. Check out our online fabric catalog and discover our entire range of synthetic leather!

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