Are you thinking of renewing your sofa upholstery or want to buy a new one? In that case you may have doubts about what type of upholstery material is the most suitable. Remember that the choice of fabrics is one of the most important things in upholstery, and if you know how to choose well you will get a perfect result and the upholstery of your sofa will last much longer.

How to choose the best upholstery material

First of all, a good upholstery must be strong, durable and easy to clean. If in addition to this the fabric is pleasant to the touch, you will have found the perfect material. The problem is that there is currently a wide variety of fabrics on the market, and many times it is still difficult to find a quality upholstery.

The Martindale test can be very useful when choosing the material to upholster our sofa. This test measures the different abrasion cycles that a fabric supports, and lets us know what levels of resistance and durability it offers. The cycles are indicated on the fabric label, where we can see the abrasion index or Martindale. From 15,000 cycles the fabric is suitable for upholstery, and the more cycles you have, the stronger and stronger it will be. Above 40,000 cycles, the fabric offers high strength. But in addition to looking at the labeling, when choosing the material for upholstery you must look at other aspects:


Cotton, linen or jacquard are the preferred upholstery materials. They are composed of thick and resistant fibers, and also offer high adaptability. These characteristics make them the ideal materials for upholstering sofas, but also cushions, chairs, armchairs, carpets, etc …

On the other hand, velvet and leatherette also offer excellent performance. They are resistant materials, elegant and very comfortable. In the case of synthetic skins, the main advantage is that they hardly require maintenance. In our online fabric catalog you will find a wide range of fabrics and synthetic leathers of the highest quality. In addition, all our collections are manufactured with the latest advances. All this, without giving up neither the design nor the elegance.


The strength and durability of the fabric is key if we look for a quality upholstery. We cannot forget that these fabrics are daily exposed to wear and friction, so it is important to opt for fabrics that are resistant.

To check if a fabric is good or not for upholstery, you can stretch it until it is fully tensioned. If there are no deformations or openings in the thread, the material is perfect for upholstery.


A fabric with a pleasant texture is essential for a sofa to offer comfort and well-being. The sofa is one of the most basic elements of our home, so it is important that it is comfortable and has a soft and delicate texture. Some of the most popular fabrics are velvet, cotton, linen or microfiber.


You have to keep in mind that the sofa is a piece of furniture that we use every day, so always opt for materials that are easy to clean, especially if you have children or pets at home. In these cases, natural skin, microfiber or canvas are materials that resist scratches and scratches very well, and are also easy to wash at home.

In the case of stains, the fabrics that offer the best resistance are usually composed mainly of synthetic materials, such as polyester or leatherette. However, currently upholstery fabrics incorporate various anti-stain systems. There are many treatments that help fibers repel liquid stains. If you wish, on our website you can know all the technical components with which we work to facilitate the maintenance of our fabrics.

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