Do you want to renew your home textile for the cold months? There are different types of fabrics for winter that will help you turn your house into a much more comfortable and pleasant space.

The fabrics are one of the essential elements in the decoration of the home and a good choice will help you create warm and welcoming environments for the winter. The same happens with the upholsteries, especially with the arrival of the cold, because what is most desirable at this time of the year is to spend more time at home and feel warm and clothed.

What are the best fabrics for winter?

If you are thinking of renovating your home textiles, here are some ideas to choose the best fabrics for winter.


The most advisable for winter is to opt for enveloping fabrics that transmit warmth and offer excellent performance. Wool meets all these requirements, it is also a natural fiber very resistant to the passage of time and with which we can wrap ourselves in the cold, as it is an excellent thermal insulator.

The only drawback of wool is that it is a fabric very sensitive to dirt and is somewhat difficult to clean. However, today it is possible to find this fabric mixed with other natural and synthetic fibers that give it extra properties and facilitate its maintenance.


Velvet is the fabric of winter par excellence. Thanks to its soft texture, elegance and adaptability it is one of the most used fabrics for upholstery. However, it is also a delicate fabric that requires some care, something that can throw us back when choosing it for our upholstery.

In case it is made of natural fibers, velvet is more resistant and durable. In contrast, velvet made of polyester fibers usually incorporates other technical elements that help upholstery maintenance, such as anti-wrinkle or stain-resistant components. These properties make velvet cleaning much easier and increase its resistance to rubbing and abrasion.

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Knitted fabrics can give a more cozy air to our home and are certainly a very good option for the sofa, armchairs or cushions. Jacquard is one of the most used. This type of fabric is elegant and thick, and also supports friction and abrasion very well.

Among its properties we can highlight its high resistance to washing, its durability and that it is also a very difficult fabric to wrinkle. Currently, we can find various Jacquard types in a wide variety of colors, designs and prints. In addition, depending on its composition, it offers extra properties that give it greater resistance to dirt and moisture.


Chenille is a soft and pleasant velvety-looking fabric. Normally, it is mixed with other fibers, such as polyester, acrylics or cotton. It is a perfect fabric for cold days, as it is composed of cut hair thread and provides great warmth.

There are different types of chenillas for upholstery, according to their composition and thickness. Although as a general rule we can affirm that it is one of the fabrics with the best value for money, since it is very resistant and offers excellent adaptability.

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