Carpets are an element of decoration and comfort practically essential in almost every house. They provide warmth, generate comfort, give a touch to the room … The number of varieties, including size, colours, texture, materials and other characteristics make them very versatile and used elements.

However, keeping them clean is another story. Due to the materials with which they are usually made, usually very absorbent, they are white of all kinds of stains.

Tips for washing your carpet

Carpets not only pick up odours and stain easily, but they are also a magnet for germs and mites. To prevent your carpet from being a nest of dirt, you should clean it periodically. We give you a few tips to clean your carpet in the best way:

With fat salt

Fast and cheap! Mix a little salt with water to form a paste. Spread it on the carpet and let it dry. Then, rub with a brush to act better and remove the remains with the vacuum cleaner.

With alcohol vinegar

Another of the most frequent remedies is to use hot alcohol vinegar. Use it to rub the carpet with a cotton cloth and let it act for a few minutes. Then, wipe a dry cloth to make sure the moisture is removed and pass the vacuum. It will look like new!

Remove unpleasant odours

It is extremely easy for carpets to smell bad. To neutralize it, a quick way is to use bicarbonate. Sprinkle a little on the carpet, let it act for a few minutes and remove it with the vacuum cleaner. This procedure is much faster and cheaper than taking the carpet to the dry cleaner.

Remove stains

Before a stain, as with all fabrics, we have to act quickly to prevent it from heating, since afterwards it will cost us much more to clean it. We can use absorbent paper to prevent the stain from expanding. Do not use a sponge or a very wet cloth, as you could make the stain spread much longer. You can also use a stain remover, but in these cases, always make sure that the product does not damage the carpet.

Tricks to keep your carpet clean and in good condition


Normally, carpets are placed under furniture, such as the table, sofa or bed. Its weight leaves marks on the tissue that, in the long run, are very difficult to hide or eliminate. To avoid this, it is recommended that the arrangement of the carpet or furniture be moved from time to time. So we will not leave permanent marks, and the carpet will not suffer so much.

Dust and dirt

One of the great enemies of carpets is dust. These invisible naked particles accumulate on the carpet day after day, which ends up spoiling the fibres and caking the carpet. To combat its effects, it is very important to run the vacuum every once in a while and, when you can, shake and aerate it.

Well saved

There are people who change the carpets depending on the time of the year: for example, use a long-haired carpet in winter and with the arrival of spring change it to one of natural fibres, more breathable. This is also a good method to keep our carpets better. When you want to store it, it is worth taking it to the dry cleaner to make sure that it is very clean and keep it horizontally and without any weight on it, rolled up in newspaper to absorb possible moisture and not be damaged.

If you take into account all these tips and tricks to keep your carpet clean, you will see how they look different and improve the quality of your home.

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