If you want you are thinking of upholstering your car, in this article you will find the keys to choose the fabric and the materials most appropriate to your needs. Ready?

What aspects should I look for when choosing the upholstery of the car?

The interior of a vehicle is something we always look at before buying it, and the upholstery is one of those elements that we pay more attention to. Normally, we do not look at its design or elegance, but we must also take into account its comfort or resistance.

Tissue quality

One of the main aspects in which we must look at when it comes to upholstering the car is the quality of the fabrics. You must bear in mind that there are many elements that can damage the upholstery of our car: liquids that spill, scratches, food debris, dog hair, etc …

For this reason, it is important to opt for a resistant fabric. You cannot forget that this type of upholstery is subject to significant daily wear. If you want the interior of your car to look like new over the years, it is best to invest in good quality fabrics. Think that it is an investment that will revalue your vehicle.

Symmetry and auction

In addition to the choice of materials, for a professional upholstery you must make sure to leave your vehicle in the best hands. Keep in mind that during this process it is very important that neither the structures nor the upholstery filling are damaged.

To achieve a perfect and symmetrical finish it is essential to take the measurements as accurately as possible. Remember that this is essential if we want the fabric to fit perfectly to the vehicle seats.

The final details will also play a fundamental role. It is useless to have the best materials if we do not finish the work correctly with straight seams, which are aesthetic as well as resistant.

What kind of fabric is better for upholstering the car?

In Texere we have an extensive collection of fabrics specially designed for car upholstery, with a wide variety of styles and colors. Among the best automotive upholstery we find leather, microfiber, foam or alcantara fabrics.

Leather upholstery

High-end cars are usually equipped with leather upholstery. On the one hand we have natural skin, which offers high resistance and sophistication. And on the other hand, synthetic leather, which has a much simpler maintenance, supports abrasion and dirt very well, and maintains that aspect of elegance characteristic of natural fibers.

Normally, synthetic leather or faux leather is used for upholstery of mid-range cars. This material is very versatile and also adapts perfectly to the interior of the vehicle.

Foam upholstery

Foam upholstery is specially designed to upholster cars. These fabrics combine natural leather and fabric. They are rigid and malleable, so it is very easy to work with them. In addition, they offer excellent adaptability, are very easy to clean and resist temperature changes very well.

Microfiber upholstery

Microfiber upholsteries combine comfort and quality. They are composed of 100% synthetic fibers, specifically polyester and polyamide. They are usually very resistant to wear and have an appearance similar to that of aging skin. In addition, it is very difficult material to deform, so it is ideal for upholstering the car.

Alcantara upholstery

This type of fabric is made of polyester fibers and has a soft touch, very similar to suede. Due to its composition, it is a very resistant and durable material. In addition, it is considered an avant-garde, elegant and comfortable material, so it is very common to find it in high-end or medium-high-end cars.

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