You want to keep your couch upholstery as the first day? Today we present you some of the best stain-resistant fabrics for upholstering sofas. You will see that win the battle against the most stubborn stains it is not difficult.

It is true that today there is a wide variety of fabrics for upholstery, there are many ranges of different colors, fabrics and qualities. However, when choosing fabrics for your home, you should keep in mind that any type of fabric is not worth it. A good upholstery should be very resistant to everyday wear, so it is important to opt for high quality fabrics, strong and, of course, that are easy to clean. Please note that the sofa is widely used throughout the day, either watching TV, napping, reading, eating or just stretch.

If you have pets or small children, you know that keeping clean is not at all the simple me upholsteries. So to help you protect your couch, then we recommend the best options for upholster.

What are the best anti-stain fabrics for upholstering sofas?

In Texere we are at the forefront of the latest technologies and technical components. Fibers and raw materials we use have protective properties that help repel stains, mites and bacteria. In our online catalog you will find several fabrics for upholstering sofas with a high anti-stain power and exclusive designs. Discover them!

Tech fabrics Stain Stop

Thanks to Stop Stain technology you will keep all the stains at bay. This type of tissue creates an impermeable layer that protects the fibers and prevents dirt from penetrating into the upholstery of your sofa. This way you will be able to keep your upholstery in perfect condition, like the first day.

To the dirt remain on the surface of the tissue with a simple cleaning cloth can absorb stains or liquids, which speeds up enough cleaning. Many of our collections have this quality. In our Artists catalog you will find a wide color range with Stop Stain.

Tech fabrics Hydroremove

Hydroremove fabrics are made of sealed pore fibers. In this way, they are more resistant to dirt, preventing it from entering the tissue. In addition, they also increase the durability of the fabric. But this technology not only repels dirt, but also facilitates cleaning. You just need to use some water or some neutral soap to remove stubborn stains.

Fabrics for the contract sector

Contract revolutionized the market with the most advanced techniques to facilitate cleaning and ensure tissue resistance to the most extreme conditions. If you have a restaurant, work in the tourism sector or even in the health sector, this product line is perfect for you.

All Contract Collection fabrics are subject to rigorous controls to ensure their high strength and durability. In addition to resisting stains, these fabrics are designed for industrial use, so they are very easy to clean, have antibacterial properties and are highly resistant to heat and abrasion. Without a doubt, this is the best solution for upholstery in the contract market.

They fabrics stain remember that these are not only suitable for upholstering sofas, you can use them to chairs, cushions, etc … Check out our collections!

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