Contract fabrics

Contract fabrics are characterized by trying to offer great resistance to daily use. All this, without giving up the design since these fabrics offer a multitude of possibilities in terms of motifs and personalization. For this reason, some of the major interested in these fibers are the hotel, retail and catering sectors. Although there are also individuals who are seduced by these fabrics.

Furniture and these fabrics

Due to the demanding conditions of the activity of any business, any fabric for your company does not work so the furniture of these fibers must have a series of qualities:

  • Style: These fabrics can be decorated following the corporate colors and the company logo. They also support a multitude of prints and offer different textures.
  • Simplicity: Despite being able to have a great style these fibers must demonstrate their qualities day by day and before the different audiences that use an article of these fabrics.
  • Durability: The contract fabrics offer a great resistance to stains and have a high strength against the sun’s rays. In addition, they do not require special care for proper maintenance.
  • Detail: Being in contact with the general public and in different spaces it is necessary that these fabrics not only have the aforementioned qualities but also the furniture must take care of all the finishes.

Types of fiber furniture for professionals

Due to the large number of records that these tissues can assume, we can find many applications. From the most utilitarian chairs to those of design, through armchairs, sofas and carpets among others. All of them, to provide presence to your company and meet the needs of your customers.

The polience of these tissues

Within the collection of contract fabrics we can find different types of fibers, all of them with a different composition, resistance to piling and a light fastness ability. In this line, some of these fabrics due to their properties are especially recommended to wear outdoors, such as: Corfu, Artist and Tecnic.

Trends in professional furniture

A good way to re-awaken the interest of your customers in your business is to change the decoration and furniture of these spaces. To do so and have the expected result, discover here some of the latest trends:

  • Vegetable style: In both home and office fashion, plant motifs are imposed in the decoration. Therefore, floral patterns are a good option if you want to upholster an armchair or sofa.
  • Invisible architecture: This current of architecture seeks to design spaces where there are no barriers and are dominated by transparency. Therefore, the furniture in this current is designed using straight lines and mimicking their motifs with the decoration of the environment in which they are located. In this way, it is very common to see furniture with metallic and gray colors.

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