The world of fabrics is as complex as types of fabrics exist in the market. And it is that depending on the type of layout and sewing of the threads and materials used we will have a fabric or another. Upholstery fabrics are all those we can find in our home, whether in the form of a sofa, chair, armchair, headboard, etc.

Types of upholstery fabrics

Today we present the main upholstery fabrics, their characteristics and their main applications:


Velvet is a cotton fabric that was originally silk and has a thick touch. It is a rather dense fabric used in cold environments to get warmer environments since it is characterized by absorbing much light. Here we give you all the tips to clean and keep velvet fabrics in perfect condition.


The corduroy is a finely spun fat cotton fabric with small velvety ribs that vary in thickness.


This thick silk fabric features a horizontally ribbed weft of a bright color. Usually it is usually a single color. The great resistance is the great advantage of this fabric.


This material is very strong and rigid with uneven cotton threads, which stands out especially for its great resistance. It is lighter than canvas and solid and bright colors.


The Chenille is composed of a weave of small cut threads that give it a velvety appearance although it could well be cotton, wool or linen although the most common is that the natural fibers are mixed with the synthetic ones to provide resistance and guarantee a wrinkle-free fabric.

In Texere we work with a large number of upholstery fabrics and we always choose the most durable and resistant options, easy to maintain and clean. We believe that upholstery fabrics must meet a clear objective: to provide warmth to your home without sacrificing design. All our production processes are environmentally friendly as we aim to reduce the carbon footprint.

If you still don’t know all our upholstery fabrics, find out here and know all our catalogs.

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