If you are thinking of renewing your old sofa and looking for an elegant and resistant upholstery, skin is always a safe and effective option. Currently, there is a wide variety of upholstery skins on the market. This is because the leather upholstery is one of the most popular, due to the high durability and quality of these fabrics.

The skin offers a natural, elegant and sophisticated touch to the upholstery. But it also has other features and properties that make it the ideal option for upholstering sofas, armchairs, armchairs or furniture for daily use.

Types of skins

If you are looking for skins to upholster your furniture, you probably have many doubts about what type of fabric is the most suitable: natural or synthetic. The truth is that both options are quite right, because they are durable and resistant materials, which provide texture and warmth to the home. However, both natural and synthetic skin have different properties that you should know before making your purchase.

Natural skin

Natural skin has no synthetic components. It has not undergone any treatment and has been dyed using natural anilines. Being a natural material has a much higher cost than other fabrics. However, it is more profitable in the long term, thanks to its high resistance to daily wear. Aniline skin is the one with the best quality. It can last a long time and also ages very well over the years.

The upholstery skins are made of cowhide and, although the tone is not completely uniform, it has a smooth and porous finish. By having a higher degree of porosity, it becomes stained and damaged more easily.

Synthetic skins

Synthetic skins or polyethylene offer the aesthetic characteristics of natural fabrics, but also incorporate other technical characteristics to ensure the best results. Thanks to the latest advances, these types of fabrics are more robust, do not require much maintenance, and are also easier to clean than natural skin.

Textile fibers covered with layers composed of plastic materials that help protect the fabric from dust and dirt are used for its manufacture. Among the main advantages of synthetic leather are its price, and that is that this type of fabrics is much cheaper than natural skin.

Aspects to consider when choosing the best leather to upholster

It is best to choose the type of leather to upholster taking into account the use that will be given. In addition, before making a decision, you must take into account some aspects, such as porosity, color or manufacturing methods. All these factors will influence the performance and strength of the upholstery.


As you know, the composition of the fabric is essential to ensure its durability. If the upholstery is going to be subjected to a daily wear, the ideal may be to opt for synthetic leather. Keep in mind that natural skin is more delicate and very sensitive to UV rays and high temperatures. It also requires more maintenance, you should clean it frequently and apply leather conditioner from time to time.


The most advisable thing is to opt for a darker color, which helps to hide the spots. Remember that in clear skins the discoloration and dirt is more visible. In addition, if it is furniture that is used daily it is always the best option.

Manufacturing and warranty

If you have decided to upholster your sofa with some type of skin, it is important that you read the product label well to verify its quality and composition. You should keep in mind that not all surfaces are 100% leather, so you should make sure what materials have been used for their manufacture.

In Texere we have the EcoFabrics guarantee, we work with the best raw materials and all our fabrics are free of components harmful to the environment and our health. Check out our online fabric catalog and find the best selection of skins with the highest performance.

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