There is a wide variety of curtain fabrics. The possibilities are varied, so when choosing the type of fabric you may have doubts and do not know very well which one is the most suitable. You should keep in mind that curtains are an important decorative element, which can ruin or beautify the atmosphere of any room. So don’t make this decision lightly. Follow our advice and you will be sure!

How to choose the most suitable curtain fabrics

When choosing curtain fabrics it is important to take into account the space, light and decoration of the room. In addition, you should be clear about the use you are going to give to the curtains, since not all fabrics are the same. Having all this clear will help you make the right decision.

Where are you going to place the curtains?

The choice of fabric for your curtains will depend more on the room where you want to place them. You will not use the same fabric for the living room as for the kitchen.

Normally, for spaces such as the bathroom or the kitchen, the most advisable thing is to resort to anti-stain or washable fabrics that allow us to keep the curtains clean and in good condition. Tissues with anti-stain treatments are usually a very good option for curtains that are more exposed to stains and dirt. This type of treatments makes fabrics much easier to clean and even repel stains.

In our catalog you will find very resistant and high durability fabrics. Thanks to its technical components, our fabrics have very special characteristics, are resistant to stains, easy to wash and iron, and fight abrasion very well.

The style of the room will also greatly influence the curtains. In the event that a more rustic and sophisticated style prevails in your home, the ideal is to opt for natural fabrics, such as linen or cotton. In addition, you should also look at the lighting. If you are looking for some more clarity, the ideal is to opt for a curtain type curtain or semi-transparent that allows light to enter but at the same time do not see the inside from outside.

What kind of fabric suits me best?

  • Cotton: It is a very breathable natural fabric and also offers a very good fall. However, it also requires more maintenance.
  • Linen: This fabric is also very comfortable, fresh and light. But it happens the same as with cotton, with the drawback that linen can shrink with washing and wrinkles easily.
  • Silk: It is a much more sophisticated natural fabric, but also very delicate, and in the long term it can deteriorate with sunlight. To avoid this you can line the curtains and increase their durability and resistance.
  • Polyester: This synthetic material is widely used for making curtain fabrics. It is very resistant, neither stretches nor shrinks and does not wrinkle easily. In addition, it can be combined with a wide variety of natural fabrics.

The most recommended option is to opt for fabrics that mix natural fibers, such as cotton or linen, with synthetic fibers, such as polyester. In this way, we will achieve curtains that look very similar to that of natural fabric but with the advantages offered by synthetic fabrics.

Once you are clear which fabrics you are going to use for your curtains, it is time to choose the color, design and type of clothing. Do you want them ready or stamped? With more fall or less? Roller or traditional curtains? The possibilities are immense!

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