Fireproof fabrics

If we search Google for “fire retardant fabrics” in most of the results that appear on the screen are professional clothing for workers who have direct contact with the fire as firefighters or welders. However, this type of fabrics in which the fire does not spread can also have a touch of distinction, elegance that arouses the interest of the general public. These fabrics that prevent the fire from spreading employ a series of technologies that can make these compositions attractive not only in professional sectors such as the hospitality industry or the healthcare world but can also be used in the domestic environment for the comforts they offer:


This technique uses more developed fireproofing components and processes to try to prevent the combustion of the flame from spreading and not reaching the root. In this way, in these fireproof fabrics the fire remains focused on a single point and is easier to extinguish.

Stop stain

This technology is designed so that the spots do not reach the fabric and remain on the surface. The Stop Stain is especially useful in armchairs or sofas as it allows them to be cleaned with just a cloth. Therefore, the maintenance of these flame retardant fabrics is very basic and does not require great efforts.


Compositions that have this technique only need to be cleaned with water since the stain does not get into the tissue. In addition, it is a faculty of the fiber itself, they do not disappear over time.

Lovin colors

This technical component guarantees the durability of the fabrics in this collection. On the other hand, it also offers the possibility of using a wide color palette that allows to carry out both the most classic and the most innovative combinations. Another of the values ​​of this technique is the guarantee that the garments have been created respecting the environment.

Tissue components

These flame retardant fabrics have been manufactured not only through processes that respect the environment but also all the elements that make them up are allowed by European regulations. In this way, these fireproof fabrics are made with innovation and environmental responsibility as key values.


These fireproof fabrics are very versatile so we can find many utilities for these fabrics. On the other hand, in the stylistic aspect it should be noted that the articles in this collection use different textures to meet the expectations of our customers. One of the uses we suggest is the creation of office furniture, armchairs or sofas because of the range of colors we can use and their durability.

Due to the characteristics of these fire retardant fabrics they can also have applications in the industrial world, some of their most outstanding qualities are: antibacterial, fast washing, high abrasion resistance and high light fastness. For all this, we can conclude that these fireproof fabrics can be a reliable resource for both your business and your home.

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