To wash the velvet correctly it is necessary to perform a dry cleaning. Despite being resistant and durable, it is a delicate fabric that requires certain care, especially in the case of upholstery.

Due to its durability, velvet is one of the most used fabrics for upholstery. In addition, it gives the spaces a touch of elegance, softness and warmth. But you should keep in mind that this durability depends mostly on the composition of velvet. If it is made with natural fibers of good quality, such as cotton, it is much more resistant to abrasion and the passage of time.

There are also velvets made of polyester fibers. These fabrics usually incorporate anti-wrinkle, stain and even allow washing components. In addition, they are usually the most suitable for upholstery, since they are more functional and easy to maintain.

5 tips to care for and wash velvet

Here are some tips that will help you take care of velvet, extend its useful life and always keep it in perfect condition.

1. Protect it from the sun and heat

It is important that the velvet is not too exposed to the sun. Heat and UV rays can deteriorate the color and the characteristic brightness of this material. In addition, you should try to keep the tissue always protected, prevent it from getting wet and keep it away from any liquid that may spill.

2. Recover its brightness with a vaporizer

You should keep in mind that velvet cannot be ironed. However, vaporizers are good allies to smooth the fabric and also help it regain its natural shine and texture.

It is important that you control well the amount of steam to use, since the velvet should not get wet. Approach the steam engine very carefully and move it gently in the direction of the hair of the fabric. You will see that the result is perfect!

3. Remove dust with a soft brush

One of the disadvantages of velvet is that it quickly catches dust and lint. If you want to wash the velvet to remove all impurities you must do it dry. It is best to use a soft brush with soft bristles.

Another option is to use the vacuum cleaner. In this case, you must use a special nozzle to avoid damaging the tissue. Remember to always brush or vacuum in the direction of the hair. The most advisable thing is to do a dry cleaning approximately every 6 months.

4. Clean stains as soon as possible

Given that most velvet fabrics only support dry cleaning, it is important that we avoid spilling any liquid as much as possible. In case of an accident, we must act as soon as possible to prevent the stain from impregnated with the fibers.

Use the vaporizer or rub gently with the help of a clean cloth. You can also use paper towels to absorb the liquid. For more persistent stains use a cloth slightly moistened with a little water and dishwashing detergent. But above all avoid rubbing or pressing excessively on the tissue.

5. Use special washing programs

Synthetic velvet is the only one that supports machine washing. Even so, when washing the velvet you should use only special programs for delicate garments. Once the fabric is clean and dry, you can finish off the process by gently brushing it to smooth it, enhance its shine and remove possible impurities.

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