The upholstery of the car is an element that usually deteriorates with use. Especially if we have children or pets, since carelessness and stains can be much more frequent. However, if we periodically clean the interior of the vehicle, we will manage to keep it in perfect condition and extend the life of our upholstery.

5 infallible tricks to clean the car upholstery

In Texere we are always at the forefront of innovation and in our online catalog you will find the most resistant fabrics on the market. Even so, we know that it is inevitable that the upholstery will wear with the daily use of the car. So to help you, here are some simple tricks so you can keep it as new.

1. Consider the type of upholstery

Each type of upholstery requires specific care. Leather or leather upholstery is not the same as foam or microfiber upholstery. For example, when cleaning the leather, it is recommended to use special products, these products are made with natural ingredients and waxes that keep the skin in perfect condition, avoiding the appearance of cracks and giving it a brighter appearance.

If you opt for darker fabrics at the time of choosing the upholstery of your car, you will avoid more than one headache, since these are more suffered and manage to hide the stains better. In any case, it is recommended to vacuum the interior of the vehicle from time to time to remove dust and dirt.

2. A solution for each type of stain

Mud, grease and vomit tend to be the most common stains on car upholstery and are also the most difficult. Neutral soap is usually the best solution to eliminate them. Remember to vacuum the vehicle well before starting cleaning.

In addition, there are other bad habits that also damage tissues. For example, tobacco smoke also penetrates the fibers, deteriorating them and discoloring the color. Avoiding smoking in the car, cleaning and vacuuming the interior periodically will help eliminate smoke and the smell of tobacco.

3. Treat stains with neutral soap

As we have said, neutral soap will be our best ally to clean all types of stains, especially the most greasy and resistant. Rub gently, but in depth, then simply remove the remains of water or soap with a dry cloth and let dry.

4. Use a liquid aspirator

The liquid vacuum cleaners are very useful for cleaning the upholstery of the car. Not only to remove the remains of soda or coffee as soon as possible, but also to finish the upholstery cleaning and remove the remains of water or soap.

5. Beware of stain remover products

If you are going to use any detergent, foam or stain remover product it is very important that you read the manufacturer’s instructions well. These products usually have chemical elements in their composition that can damage the finishes and fibers of the fabric, deteriorating the color and spoiling the material.

In Texere we have an extensive catalog of fabrics specially designed for vehicle upholstery. Check out our collections and choose from a wide variety of fabrics, leathers and leathers. We use the latest technical advances for its manufacture, thus achieving highly resistant fabrics with great durability.

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