This fabric due to the elegance and style it conveys is the perfect solution for our company dinners or parties of these dates. In addition, this fabric is always a safe value when it comes to upholstering our furniture since it is the fabric that provides more heat. For all this, it is necessary to know how to care for this fabric to ensure its durability in the best conditions.

Furniture cleaning of this fabric

Once we have stained some velvet article we must act as soon as possible. First, you have to apply talcum powder on the affected area and let it sit on the stain for 48 hours. Once this is done, it is time to remove the talcum powder with a sponge soaked with a little alcohol and water. When this furniture is dry, use a soft bristle brush to maintain the characteristics of this fabric.

Can we put the velvet in the washing machine?

To avoid damaging the integrity of the fabric we recommend using a dry cleaning or leaving the item in the hands of professionals. But if you want to try to put it in the washing machine you should use a soap for delicate clothes, a delicate program and cold water. Also, do not use fabric softener as this can leave traces in the fibers.

Can the vacuum cleaner be used on velvet?

In case you have any piece of your furniture of this fabric you can use it. In fact, if you gently suck on the tissues of these items, you eliminate dirt and lint that may have accumulated over time.

Do not use the iron on this cloth

If you want to remove any wrinkles from an article of this fabric, do not use the traditional iron as it could damage this fabric. To remove them it is best to use a vertical vaporizer or apply the steam from the iron (at medium temperature) on the object. On the other hand, if the wrinkles are minimal you can hang the item on a hanger and lock yourself with it, hang it on the bathroom door and take advantage of the steam in the shower to stretch it.

Velvet garment cleaning

To know the proper way to wash our clothes of this fabric we must look at the manufacturer’s label since some of these garments cannot be washed. If we want to wash the garment by hand we must use a container with cold water and a little detergent. Once in the water, remove the piece of clothing without much force. At the end of the wash, remove the garment from the basin and let it dry on a towel.

Store the clothes of this fabric

To store the velvet garments, it is best to leave them hanging on a hanger that is not very thin as this could leave a mark. On the other hand, we must not fold the articles of this fabric since if we do it can be folded.

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