All our collections of fabrics wholesale incorporate the latest technical advances to offer you an exclusive design with the best materials. Our goal is to guarantee the durability and resistance of the parts, and ensure the satisfaction of each and every one of our customers.

As you know, all the materials we use go through rigorous quality controls, and all our textile compositions have the most advanced technology and components. Do you want to know what techniques we use to offer you the best results? We tell you!

The latest technologies of our wholesale fabrics

In Textere, we are increasingly giving importance to the manufacture of intelligent fabrics, which have the necessary technical components to cover all the needs of the client.

Our wholesale fabrics are designed to provide maximum performance and safety. All this, without giving up the design and always using the best raw materials. Within our collections of wholesale fabrics you can find different types of fibers that have qualities that walk with the forefront.


We are always at the forefront in the manufacture of fabrics in Spain, with the aim of ensuring the care of all our fabrics. This is why EasyLife was born, the latest innovation that facilitates the cleaning and protection of materials. EasyLife forms a permanent protective shield against the most resistant stains, facilitating the cleaning of the fabrics and preventing the fibers from absorbing the stains.


Hydroremove arrives to revolutionize the wholesale fabric market. Hydroremove fabrics are composed of sealed pore fibers, much more resistant, that repel dirt and do not allow it to penetrate. This technology greatly facilitates the cleaning of fabrics and allows their washing exclusively with water. In addition, these fabrics are specially designed to withstand the most demanding conditions, which makes them ideal for sectors such as hospitality or the health field.

Stop stain

The Stop Stain technique creates a waterproof protective layer that repels stains and prevents them from penetrating the tissue. Machas and liquids remain on the surface of the fabric, and this greatly speeds up cleaning. Just passing a cloth or absorbent paper you can remove any dirt. In case that is not enough to remove the stain completely, you can lightly rub with a little neutral soap. These anti-stain fabrics are usually perfect for upholstery, since they are very easy to clean.

Flame Tech

With Flame Tech we use the most advanced fireproofing procedures. This technology increases the resistance of the fabric against fire and heat, acts against combustion of the flame and prevents it from spreading. For us, this component is not at odds with the design, so in our fabric catalog you will find a wide palette of colors, color combinations and exclusive patterns that incorporate Flame Tech.


This technology is ideal for outdoor fabrics, as it gives the tissues a UV filter. This property increases the resistance of the fabric to sun exposure, but also to rain, damp and other external agents. These fabrics are ideal for outdoor furniture or for any activity that your company is going to do abroad.

Eco Fabrics

In Textere we are also committed to respecting the environment. The Eco Fabrics guarantee certifies that all components used in the manufacturing processes of our fabrics comply with European international regulations. All our products are manufactured entirely in Europe and none contain hazardous or harmful materials for the environment or our health.

Keep dry

Keep Dry provides the fabrics with an ultra-thin PU membrane, 100% breathable and imperceptible to the touch. This resistant membrane protects the product against mites and bacteria, and prevents the absorption of liquid stains and moisture, thus favoring the care of the fabric and its durability.

These are just some of the features of our pieces. Check out our online fabric catalog and discover all the variety of fabrics, synthetic leathers, polyurethanes and pvc that we have available.

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