If there is a material that we can find in all homes, in one way or another, that is the leatherette. The leatherette is a material widely used in upholstery but it is also very widespread in the world of fashion and clothing and decoration.The quality of the leatherette has been perfected and now we can find high quality leatherette, both for its touch and its composition as well as a wide variety of textures, colors, reliefs, etc.

The main characteristic of the leatherette is that it is the perfect substitute for the skin, since it has achieved a very reliable imitation, saving distances. For this reason, Texere is committed to leatherette as a quality material, very versatile and highly resistant.
What are the main characteristics of the leatherette?

– Great imitation leather, but without being so polluting and a pickling process so laborious.
– Very elastic material
– Resistant to abrasion and scratches
– The leatherette is a washable fiber that we can wash dry.

The most common uses of the leatherette are the interior upholstery, that is, upholstering chairs, sofas, headboards and other objects of home decoration. Due to its great resistance to both cold and heat, it is a material suitable for outdoor upholstery such as garden furniture, motorcycle or car seats, as well as other products that have an outdoor exposure.

In the market we can find two types of leatherette according to its material of manufacture:

– Polyurethane: this artificial material has a long duration, resistance to abrasion, tearing and weather.
– PVC: material more respectful with the environment than polyurethane that also has a softer feel, is resistant and rigid and a good electrical insulator.

The most common applications of the leatherette are in the footwear industry, due to the large color palette that it offers and its great resistance is ideal for lining shoes.
One of the sectors that most uses the leatherette is the contract, so it is very common to find products made with leatherette such as hotels, restaurants, bars and nightclubs. In this type of applications, the leatherette receives a fireproof treatment for a greater plus of security in front of businesses and public spaces.

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