A sofa is one of the pieces that most use in a home. And its cleaning, many times, is an unknown and terrifying world. Today in our blog we want to tell you how to clean the fabrics of sofas that you can have at home.

First, we must clarify that each upholstery has its own cleaning instructions and that you should ask the store where we bought it to be clear about what we can do and what we can not do.

Many cases can be machine washed in a normal program with cold water, although there are cases that we must wash them by hand. A removable sofa is one of the best options in terms of easy cleaning. In the case of sofas that are not removable, a steam engine can always be helpful and cleaning instructions do not say otherwise.

Running the vacuum cleaner all over the sofa at least once a week will help prevent dust from accumulating. Beware of delicate fabrics, use a gentle cycle in these cases.

In the case of superficial stains, it is important to treat them immediately with a damp cloth that does not drip. If the stain is liquid or viscous, the excess should be removed with a cloth without rubbing. Trick: if the stain is fat, absorb it with salt or chalk. Then we will use a dry stain remover and remove it with a brush after a few minutes. In the case, of not having stain removers you can use a mild soap for clothes diluted in water.

If you want to use a new cleaning product, try it first in a place that looks little in case it stains or stains like for example behind or in a piece of excess cloth.

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