With the arrival of heat also come some changes to adapt our closet and our home to high temperatures. Ideally, opt for fresher textiles and upholstery, and in this sense natural fibers are undoubtedly the best option.

Natural fibers provide greater natural perspiration and ventilation. They are resistant, offer better thermal insulation and are very pleasant to the touch. All this without forgetting that they have numerous advantages for the environment. In fact, they are the most sustainable option, since manufacturing processes are respectful of the environment, minimizing the generation of waste and using a smaller amount of energy.

If you want to create a fresh atmosphere in your home this summer, here are the best fabrics for interior decoration.ç

The most sought after natural fibers this summer

Without a doubt, natural fibers are the fabrics that most succeed with the arrival of summer. Curtains, cushions, upholstery … Renew all textiles and give your home a fresh and fresh air!

Cotton and linen, a classic that never fails

Cotton and linen are the quintessential summer fabrics. These natural fibers are fresh, light and comfortable, absorb moisture and are very economical. And best of all, they also don’t feel cold when winter comes, so they are perfect for any time of the year.

Both linen and cotton are strong fabrics, very resistant and pleasant to the touch. In this way, they are very useful for upholstery, curtains or carpets. The most advisable is to opt for light colors, more cheerful and bright. Of course, if you have children or pets at home, it may be better to opt for darker colors that hide more spots.

Sisal and henequen, natural fibers, fresh and casual

The sisal and henequen come from the agave species and are mainly characterized by their yellowish white color, their durability and their resistance. In addition, they are very pleasant to the touch fibers. Like linen and cotton, they do not absorb moisture so easily and are biodegradable. These properties make them widely used both indoors and outdoors for upholstery, carpets or carpets.

Natural skin, an option also for summer

Who said the skin was not for summer? Sofas upholstered with natural leather retain heat better in winter and during the summer months they are quite cool. In addition, natural skin is a very resistant material, elegant, pleasant and soft to the touch. Of course, keep in mind that synthetic leather sofas do not have that thermoregulatory effect and are not so breathable.

Now you know which fibers are best suited to summer, check out our online fabric catalog and find a wide variety of fabrics for your home.

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