The boats have more followers when summer comes. The high temperatures, the claim of the sea and the possibility of enjoying more free time make many people go out and enjoy the freedom and relaxation that these transports provide. However, the climatic conditions to which the tissues that complement them are exposed are usually extreme and if care is not taken, their useful life can be very short.

The sun is a source of life, but also of wear. The furniture and fabrics that are exposed directly to their effects gradually lose color and the fabrics deteriorate, becoming more and more delicate. If we want to prevent this from happening, it is advisable to cover these tissues to protect them from the direct rays of the sun, either with direct coverage or with an awning that in turn provides shade. Maybe this is a good solution, since it would provide a shaded and upholstered area on board at the same time. Texere’s Contract line is made with the right technology to combat these signs of deterioration and extend the useful life of these fabrics as much as possible. Contract fabrics are perfect for outdoor upholstery due to its resistance and durability.

Another of the typical problems that affect the nautical upholstery is the humidity. If the tissues are exposed to moisture and do not dry properly, it is easy for them to become a fungal nest. To avoid this, it is not enough to have waterproof tapestries that prevent moisture from penetrating the interior. We must also keep them completely dry because, otherwise, it could also affect the furniture and aggravate the problem even more.

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