Fabrics that absorb, repel or remove stains, antibacterial, resistant to abrasion, water, fire or UV rays, we talk about smart fabrics. These textiles are capable of reacting to external, chemical and thermal stimuli or even to certain environmental conditions.

In addition to its composition, design or price, this type of fabric stands out for its functionality. Thanks to its innovative components, smart fabrics have multiple applications and are increasingly present in our daily lives. The sports sector is one of the biggest promoters of these fabrics, but they are also widely used in the industrial field or even for home textiles, gardens or outdoors.

Characteristics of our smart fabrics

All our collections incorporate the latest technological advances to offer maximum performance, durability and safety in any of its applications. These are some of the most outstanding features of our fabrics.

Stain-resistant fabrics

One of the main characteristics of our smart fabrics is its anti-stain ability. The technology used for its manufacture makes the fibers repel dirt, preventing it from penetrating the tissue. These anti-stain properties extend the applications of fabrics, which can be used both outdoors and in environments more prone to dirt and bacteria. For this reason, smart fabrics are perfect for those who have animals at home, for the garden or outdoors, or even for the hospitality sector.

Heavy duty fabrics

Our fabrics are specially designed to withstand the most demanding conditions, as is the case in our Contract collection. This product line is subject to the most demanding controls to supply sectors such as hospitality, health, transportation, etc. In this way, these fabrics have a high resistance to external agents, they are also antibacterial and very easy to clean, which greatly facilitates their maintenance.

Waterproof and breathable fabrics

Many of our fabrics also have properties that at first glance might seem impossible to combine: impermeability and breathability. Stop Stain technology allows to create a waterproof layer that protects the fibers against stains and liquids. In addition, these fabrics also have a certain elasticity, a property that allows them to adapt to curves and withstand high stresses. This makes them perfect fabrics for upholstery.

Environmentally sustainable fabrics

Sustainable fabrics are increasingly present in the textile industry. In Texere we are very committed to the environment and all our fabrics are treated through sustainable production processes. Our Eco Fabrics guarantee certifies that all processes are free of chemicals and components harmful to the environment and comply with European international regulations.

Smart fabrics designed for outdoors

Thanks to the latest technological advances, our fabrics are ideal for upholstery but also for exterior decoration. We use the best raw materials for its manufacture and all our technical components favor the care of the fabric and its durability.

In addition, our outdoor fabrics have Resistex technology. This property offers greater resistance against sunlight, rain or humidity. In addition, these fabrics have a UV filter that protects the fibers against radiation.

Remember that we have an extensive catalog of fabrics online where you can find a wide variety of fabrics and synthetic leathers. Check out our collections and receive your order as quickly as possible!

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