Stain-resistant fabrics are the best solution to accidents and daily wear. Staining the upholstery of our home is the easiest thing in the world, especially if we spend a lot of time at home, we have children or pets. However, fabrics with anti-stain properties are ideal for upholstery, Contract projects or fabrics that require a high level of resistance and durability to withstand abrasion, dirt and the passage of time. You want to know more? Discover all the advantages that these fabrics can offer you!

Find the best anti-stain fabrics for your upholstery

In Texere we have a wide variety of anti-stain fabrics. We develop the most advanced technical components to offer our customers more functional, practical and of the highest quality fabrics. The durability and resistance of our fabrics is tested with the most exhaustive controls, which allows us to guarantee the best results in virtually any situation.

In our online fabric catalog you will find sealed pore fibers that repel liquids and stains, preventing dirt from penetrating and facilitating cleaning. These technologies are very useful for sofas, armchairs, carpets, curtains and all kinds of furniture that require extra resistance that extends their useful life and protects them from the most demanding conditions.

Advantages of stain fabrics

If you are still not clear about the advantages that stain fabrics can offer you compared to conventional fabrics, here are a few reasons to renew your home upholstery and bet on smart fabrics.

Stain treatments

The technologies used in the manufacture of anti-stain fabrics allow the fibers to repel dirt, preventing the absorption of both liquid and thicker stains. For this reason, these types of fabrics are also suitable for outdoor use, as they usually resist very well adverse weather conditions and the effects of UV rays.

Protection against fungi and bacteria

It is important to keep in mind that anti-stain fabrics do not only fight stains. Many of these tissues also have properties that protect the fibers against the presence of mites, fungi and bacteria, eliminating bad odors and preventing allergic reactions. This type of fibers is perfect for garden furniture or, if we have pets, for sofa upholstery, armchairs or carpets.

Easy maintenance

One of the main advantages of this type of fabrics is that they greatly facilitate the upholstery maintenance. Thanks to its waterproof fibers, many of these fabrics manage to repel dirt. In this way, in case any liquid is spilled by accident, it will be enough to clean the stain with a little water and a cloth or absorbent paper.

Wide variety of colors and designs

Do not forget that, in addition to the technical components offered by these fabrics, the design of the upholstery also plays an important role. The fabrics of our home are one of the elements that bring distinction to our decoration, so it is important to bet on designs that adapt to our style and personality.

Currently, there is an extensive variety of fabrics on the market that have excellent anti-stain properties without sacrificing either the design or the latest textile trends. Check out our catalogs and collections! There you will find a wide variety of textures, colors and fabrics with the most exclusive patterns.

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