Outdoor fabrics

When starting a business you have to take into account many factors and you can not leave any random aspect, both of the economic activity and the corporate image. Therefore, outdoor fabrics are a safe value when selecting the fibers that will cover the entrance of your company. This issue is very important since the facade of your business is the letter of introduction of your company. Therefore, you should take your time before deciding which fabric will be visible from outside your company.

Style and fabrics for the facade of your business

When defining the fabrics that everyone can see from the street, you need to take into account some aspects:

  • Coherence: The fibers located in this area must be consistent with your corporate colors. Therefore, when choosing you should opt for those that best represent your brand.
    Resistance: Keep in mind that these fabrics must deal with external agents. Therefore, they must have a high level of resistance to both sun rays and rain, hail or fog.
    Style: Outdoor fabrics can also give presence to your business and become a claim that attracts people’s attention. In this sense, there are many fabrics with different motifs.
  • Fabrics for outdoor furniture

If you are the owner of a hospitality or catering business and you have a terrace you should take special care with your furniture. In this sense, the fact that these items are outdoors can affect their conditions and cause cracks to originate or wear. That is why, a solution to give a new life to these furniture could be to upholster them and give them a second life. In this line, Seasons fibers have the same design in different shades to suit your tastes and high resistance to piling.

Fashion in outdoor fabrics

Outdoor fabrics can also be fashionable, for example: if you look for a fabric where the lines predominate either vertically or horizontally you can opt for Tamino or Spiders. On the other hand, if you are more interested in some fibers with a relief or a very marked texture and similar to the scales of a snake, there is the Yacaré fabric.

Basic care for the weathering fabric

When cleaning any item with outdoor fabric, make sure that it is dry and free of moisture. In addition, it is convenient that this furniture is in an area where you can run the air since this way it is more difficult for mold to appear. In the event that some tissue has mold, the best solution is to use detergents specifically developed to address this problem.

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