Sometimes we look at the design when choosing fabrics for the home but we do not consider the importance of the quality of these. And is that many people believe that all fabrics are used for everything, and it is not so. Not all fabrics are optimal for use in furniture upholstery, but there are fabrics that are special because before going on sale, they go through methods of analysis that determine the resistance of these. The most accepted and reference in the textile industry is the Martindale Test.

Surely many of you will be wondering what exactly and what the Martindale Test indicates.

This test is carried out with the help of a machine composed of several plates in which fabric samples are placed. Each saucer applies different degrees of abrasion to the cloth by following the Lissajous Figure. According to the number of cycles that the fabric resists, it is possible to know when the wear originates and what is the resistance and durability of the fabric.

All Texere synthetic fabrics and leathers ensure high durability and wear resistance, without neglecting the design, as all pass the Martindale Test and present acceptable results.

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