Would you like to upholster the old lounge chairs? Give a new air to your sofa? The first step is to get a good upholstery tools. With the right instruments there will be no furniture that resists you. You will see that although at first it may seem to complicate it, with a little practice you will be able to completely change the appearance of all your furniture.

6 essential upholstery tools

Most likely, most of these instruments are very handy in your own home. If it is not, surely it will not be difficult to get them, since they are very common and affordable tools that are used in many DIY tasks.

1. Scissors

Scissors are one of the most basic tools for upholstering. Although it seems obvious, it is essential to have very sharp scissors that facilitate the task and allow us to make clean and precise cuts. With good scissors, in addition to getting rid of the old upholstery, we can adapt the new fabrics to the structure of the furniture and trim the excess material.

2. Screwdriver

Screwdrivers are also a tool widely used in upholstery. Normally, several types of screwdrivers are used: flat, fine-pointed, star-shaped … This instrument can be very useful for removing old clips from the piece we want to upholster.

3. Hammer

Another of the most basic upholstery tools is the hammer. Ideally, a hammer with a fine head, which allows us to finish off the work and check that the staples and the fabric are well fixed and secured to the furniture.

4. Pliers

Another tool that will be very useful for upholstering is the pliers, which also serve to finish off or carefully remove the staples, nails or tacks that hold the fabric we want to remove. Keep in mind that it is essential to carefully extract all these fasteners, so we will avoid tearing the tissues or cracking the furniture structure.

5. Stapler

The stapler is one of the least common tools, and you probably have to buy it, because it is essential for upholstery work. The stapler allows us to keep the fabric well stretched and wrinkle free to work on any furniture and get a perfect upholstery.
You can find staplers at any hardware store. There are several types: manual, electric and pneumatic. Depending on the upholstery work you are going to do, one or the other type will be more useful. Manual staplers are the most economical, but electric models allow us to work on thicker fabrics and harder materials. But if we look for a more powerful tool, pneumatic staplers are the most recommended.

6. Kickstand

Another special instrument for upholstering furniture is the kickstand. This small tool allows us to easily remove all types of nails, staples and tacks. If you are going to renovate some old upholstery, the goat leg is essential.
Now that you have all the essential upholstery tools, you just need to choose a good, beautiful and resistant fabric for your upholstery. Check out our catalogs! We have a wide variety of wholesale fabrics perfect to give a new life to your furniture. In addition, all our fabrics are specially designed for upholstery, as they are manufactured with the latest advances and special treatments, to facilitate cleaning and ensure the durability of the fabric.

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