Fabrics and upholstery are a decorative element with a lot of potential, but they are not changed every day, so it is important to know how to choose well. You will see that paying attention to small details, you can give an air of comfort and well-being to any room in the house. And so you can check, today we bring you some simple tricks that will help you choose the most suitable upholstery fabrics for your home. Take note!

Choose strong and resistant upholstery fabrics

When choosing a good fabric for upholstery it is essential that you opt for a strong and durable material. Remember that the upholstery is always exposed to friction and wear due to its daily use, so always bet on strong, quality fabrics that are easy to clean.

If the upholstery is removable, the ideal is to opt for a fabric that can be machine washed without many complications. In case you can’t unholster the upholstery, make sure the fabric can be easily cleaned by hand.

In our catalog you will find a wide variety of upholstery fabrics with special technical components and stain treatments.

The properties of each tissue

Not all upholstery fabrics work on all types of furniture, nor does any furniture allow all types of upholstery. Keep in mind that there are more delicate fabrics than others, such as corduroy, velvet or silk. And, on the other hand, we find thicker and stronger fabrics, such as jacquard, linen or cotton.

Depending on the type of layout and sewing we can opt for one or the other option. Currently, there is a wide variety of materials and compositions on the market, so you will not find it difficult to find the fabric that best suits your style and your needs.

Patterned or plain upholstery?

The time has come to choose the design of the upholstery, and although this decision is a matter of taste, mixing different fabrics, textures and patterns is always a good option. Dare to mix plain fabrics with patterned designs, a good combination will help you achieve perfect harmony.

Do not be afraid to combine different colors. Unleash your imagination and combine the upholstery of the sofa or furniture with the rest of accessories (cushions, curtains, carpet …). A trick that never fails is to opt for fabrics that have the same color range.

Fabrics in neutral tones, light or dark, are always a more timeless and easier to combine option. But if you don’t want to risk too much, just give the space a few small strokes of color on the cushions or on an armchair.

Smart fabrics

To guarantee the durability and resistance of all our fabrics, we incorporate the latest advances and special treatments in all our collections. The fibers we use have protective components that help repel stains, mites and bacteria, and prevent them from penetrating the tissues.

We revolutionize the upholstery fabrics sector with the most advanced techniques to facilitate cleaning and ensure the resistance of fabrics to the most extreme conditions. In addition, Texere is committed to quality, safety and the environment. The Eco Fabrics guarantee certifies that all our products are manufactured entirely in Europe and that they comply with international regulations.

If you are still not sure which fabrics are best suited for upholstering your home, check out our online catalog.

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