Autumn always comes with interesting proposals to renew the decoration and fabrics of the home. If you are looking for upholstery fabrics to give a new look to your furniture, today we present some of the trends of this season.

The best upholstery fabrics this season

Upholstery fabrics offer us the possibility of creating pleasant and cozy environments. And, with the arrival of autumn, we want to give our home a warm touch that invites us to spend more time at home. In our online fabric catalog you will find a wide variety of fabrics, colors and prints to choose from.

Here are some proposals to give that renewed air to your home, without giving up either the design or the quality.

Marble upholstery with multiple shades

Heather fabrics are always an excellent option for the autumn-winter season. And the best part is that they offer different color variations and help create contrasts and textures. If you also want to opt for natural fibers that provide warmth to your home, cotton is a fabric that never fails.

The cotton upholstery works as a good thermal insulator, they are breathable and very flexible, so they are ideal for sofas and armchairs. Although without a doubt the best of all is that they are very easy to clean. Mind you, make sure the fabric has been sanforized, since cotton tends to shrink with washes.

Velvet, the fabric that never goes out of style

Without a doubt, the fabric that always triumphs during the cold months is velvet. In addition to providing softness and warmth, this material provides a touch of elegance and sophistication to the environment.

Thanks to its soft touch, velvet helps us create that cozy atmosphere so sought after at this time of year. It is a quite resistant fabric, so it is ideal for upholstering sofas, chairs, armchairs, headboards and even cushions. In addition, there is a wide range of colors on the market that you can combine to your liking, creating a much more harmonious and personal decoration.

Leatherette, a wide range of styles

This type of synthetic fabric is composed of polyester fibers and mimics the appearance of natural skin. It is usually one of the most used upholstery fabrics, mainly because it is much cheaper than the skin, requires less care, is easy to clean and offers high resistance to friction and abrasion.

Another of the great advantages of this fabric for upholstery is that there is an extensive range of designs and finishes that adapt to all styles. In our online catalog you will find everything from smooth imitation fabrics with gloss or matt finishes, to other designs with textures or details that will bring more elegance and character to the environment.

Toasted, earth or burgundy tones are some of the autumnal colors par excellence. They are tones that bring warmth, naturalness and calm to the rooms, so do not hesitate to use them in the bedrooms or in the living room. And if you want to give a few strokes of color, bet on the blue and olive green to achieve a perfect composition for your home.

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