Choosing the material of the furniture upholstery of our house, such as the sofa, is essential to avoid surprises. The skin is one of the best valued options, for its great durability and high quality.

Below, we present the advantages and disadvantages of the skin, as well as some tips to get the best performance.


The skin is a natural and elegant material, which will attract the attention of anyone who sees the upholstered leather furniture.
It is a quality material, resistant and durable. It is recommended to use the skin to upholster chairs, armchairs and sofas for their daily use.
The maintenance and cleaning of the skin is very simple. The stains can be cleaned with a damp cloth or with specific products for their care. For this, it is best to consult the manufacturer.
In the long term, the skin is much more profitable due to its durability and resistance, far superior to leatherette and other synthetic materials.


The skin, being a natural material, has a higher price at the time of purchase than other materials.
Some treatments that are applied to the skin detract from naturalness, softness and flexibility.
Untreated skins are so natural that they are much more delicate than those treated, as well as being more expensive. If you have animals at home, it is recommended that they be as far as possible, since the natural skin may be damaged or torn.
If you still have not clear, in Texere we advise you and help you find the best upholstery for your home, according to your tastes and needs.

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