Wholesale fabrics

When we think of wholesale fabrics on many occasions, an immense roller of fabrics comes to mind, but that does not mean that this product is beyond innovation in both effects, textures and designs.

In recent times we have launched innovations in wholesale fabrics that have been grouped into different collections:

  • Amadeus: This series moves away from the usual market trends and offers compositions of a textile nature based on cotton, viscose and acrylic to offer the customer differentiation and superior quality.
  • Contract: This collection is designed specifically for different labor sectors, such as: hospitality, transportation, nautical etc … Therefore, it has a series of specific features: abrasion resistance, easy washing and alcohol resistance, among others.
  • Holi: In this series we find fabrics that are very resistant to direct light fading, which remain smooth at all times, very easy to clean and of sustainable origin.

The advantages of these fabrics. These textile compositions offer the wholesaler who seeks gender in large quantities a safe value, since as we have seen before each of these fabrics is designed to provide maximum performance, respecting the environment and without having to give up visually pleasing fabrics. innovative.

This innovation in wholesale fabrics is also accompanied by the development of the latest technical components designed to give these avant-garde fabrics a protection, care and attention to the height they deserve:

  • Easylife: This technology produces a protective shield that permanently remains in the tissues, allows a simpler cleaning and makes it difficult for the fibers to absorb liquid stains and thicker ones.
  • Hydroremove: The articles that carry this technology are made with sealed pore fibers. Consequently, dirt does not reach the fabric and allows it to be washed exclusively with water. Another advantage of this technique is that it can be used in the most demanding conditions and will respond to the circumstances.
  • Stop Stain: This technique creates an impermeable layer in the fabric so that the stains cannot reach the fibers and therefore remain on the surface without compromising the integrity of these tissues. In this way, with a cloth you can already clean these compositions. This fact can be an important argument for possible sales regardless of the end customer due to its easy maintenance.

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